7000 Languages in 1 Script

What is Ekalipi

Ekalipi is a revolutionary idea and we have no doubt that it will revolutionize the way the world communicates.

The key to Ekalipi's success is YOU, the entrepreneur.

Even if you do not intend to develop a product or service, we would appreciate if you use the available tools and promote them to your friends and colleagues. Please use all available media tools, such chats, emails, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Remember, Ekalipi works best if both - the sender and the receiver are familiar with Ekalipi. So, what are you waiting for? Come, join us even if you want to make a small investment of your time and/or money. We will provide you with any support that you might need.

You can get started by signing up at our Ekalipi.org website to receive latest news and updates about the Ekalipi Institute.

How Ekalipi

The initial spark for Ekalipi came from the frustration and annoyance of the founder Kishor Bapat, who discovered during his travels around the world that it was very difficult to read street signs in the local languages.

Even when the street signs were in the Roman script, he found it difficult to communicate with the locals since the actual pronunciation was frequently totally different.

Upon his move to Denmark, Kishor struggled mightily with the local language since the Danish spelling appeared totally inconsistent to English, which itself is highly inconsistent.

He also noticed that a poor English language speaker learns Danish faster since this person does not have to unlearn the pronunciation rules of English. It made him realize that difficult as it is to learn a new language, the script and its usage made the process even more difficult.

Why Ekalipi

"Ekalipi- One script solution for all your language woes. Be it Gujarati,Telugu,Hindi or any other language, all you need is just one script.Its not a completely new language, it's just a phonetic script which can encapsulate the the scripts of upto 7000 different languages into one.

All the world's scripts are imbibed at once instead of language by language, also it has a limited character set which makes it even more effective .It makes the job of read anything wherever you might be in the world be it billboards,street signs, etc.You can use it as it in the manner convenient to you i.e. in the way that you speak .

It's quite easy to learn, all you need is a little time to get familiar with it. "

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