Ekalipi Web Keyboard



  • The Hover feature is only supported on Windows PC's.
  • Intended as a practice keyboard to learn the Ekalipi alphabet and its basic sounds.
  • Text can be copy-pasted into your text messaging app or email.
  • For regular use, download, install and use the Ekalipi keyboard on all your devices.
  • Versions available for Windows PCs
    (download from ekalipi.org), IOS (App Store)and Android (Play Store).
  • Click inside the text box to get started.
  • Then click the intended character with your mouse.
  • Press "Clear" to start over.
  • Press 'PLAY" to hear the sound.
    Note - Our TTS engine is currently in a very primitive state. We are continuously improving it.
  • To hear the sound of a character before you type it:
  • * Check the box "Play Sound by Hovering over letter".
    * Move your mouse slowly over the letter.
    * To avoid playing unneeded sounds, move the mouse through the gaps between the letters.
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