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Ekalipi Windows Keyboard Installation Instructions

    If you do not currently have the Ekalipi Keyboard installed, simply respond to the onscreen prompts.

    If you already have the Ekalipi keyboard installed, you can remove it, using the Windows control panel.


  1. If you already have an Ekalipi Keyboard, you will be prompted to save downloaded file.
  2. Download the Installation package. Save the file at the default location (or at a different location if you are familiar with Windows). Navigate to the file location and double-click on the file name Ekalipi6.4.exe.
  3. Click on save downloaded the executable fileYou may receive the following warning. This is the standard Windows warning for .exe files. Click on “Run Anyway”. _
  4. Click on Yes
  5. Click on Yes Click on Remove Keyboard
  6. Click on Download.exe & repeat the process.After complete all the process the you get below window that mean Ekalipi Keyboard is successfully installed on your computer. Click the Close button Activating the Ekalipi keyboard
  7. Follow the instructions here to install the icon. Right click on the Taskbar, click on Toolbars, then click on Touch Key board. You should now see a keyboard icon in the taskbar.
  8. Click on the keyboard icon on the taskbar, then click on the keyboard icon on the keyboard. You should now see the Ekalipi keyboard in the list of keyboards.
  9. Reboot your computer.
  10. After you have rebooted the computer, click on the keyboard icon on the taskbar. You will first see your default keyboard: Click on the keyboard icon in the right hand corner and click on the Ekalipi keyboard. You will now see the following keyboard: CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully installed and activated the Ekalipi keyboard.


  • The Hover feature is only supported on Windows PC's.
  • Intended as a practice keyboard to learn the Ekalipi alphabet and its basic sounds.
  • Text can be copy-pasted into your text messaging app or email.
  • For regular use, download, install and use the Ekalipi keyboard on all your devices.
  • Versions available for Windows PCs
    (download from ekalipi.org), IOS (App Store)and Android (Play Store).
  • Click inside the text box to get started.
  • Then click the intended character with your mouse.
  • Press "Clear" to start over.
  • Press 'PLAY" to hear the sound.
    Note - Our TTS engine is currently in a very primitive state. We are continuously improving it.
  • To hear the sound of a character before you type it:
  • * Check the box "Play Sound by Hovering over letter".
    * Move your mouse slowly over the letter.
    * To avoid playing unneeded sounds, move the mouse through the gaps between the letters.

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